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My heart is in Dillon

Last week, my sister Nichole (cousin if you are being technical) told me that my 6 year old niece Raylin (also cousin if you are being technical) was sending me a birthday card in the mail. She told me that Raylin had really wanted to put a “present” in the card for me, but Nichole had, after a heated discussion, convinced her to wait and give me a present in person since I am planning to visit them in Dillon this weekend. Nichole said she left Raylin alone to sign and draw pictures in the card, and when Raylin returned the card to her, the envelope was sealed. When Nichole asked her if she had put something in the card, Raylin did not respond. When Nichole told her that she needed to know what was in it, she said, “I’m not tellin, it’s for my Aunt Ju-Ju.” Today my sweet card arrived in the mail, and folded neatly inside was a five dollar bill. Man, I love that kid more than life itself. I’m resting up today, trying to get this nagging cold to go away, because I will cry if I have to cancel my trip to see my sweet angels.

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I’m baaaaack.

Apparently my husband stifles my creativity, since the last time I blogged for fun was prior to our marriage. Or maybe his overwhelming amount of innate creativity intimidates me so I stopped trying. As I type, he is downstairs pounding away on the piano, making the song up as he goes. He was a music major in college so I shouldn’t feel so bad, but it’s safe to say there are only two areas where I can outshine him musically—dance and rap. Oh yeaaah.

He’s got mad rhythm (his primary instrument is the drums) but when I first met him, he refused to dance with me. He was so self-conscious. When he realized that was going to be a deal-breaker for me, he sucked it up and broke out some moves. He can hold his own and now he loves it. Just don’t let him try the arm wave (I had to use google to find out the name of that 80s move.) And he still can’t shake the booty like me. Mostly because I grew up listening to rap and hip hop and he grew up listening to Creed. Hehe. Poor soul.
Anyway, with this blog, I’m vowing to break out of my creative rut. (Cue Diana Ross-“I’m Coming Out,” or for you younger folks, it’s the song Puff Daddy, Mase, and Biggie sampled in “Mo Money, Mo Problems,” or for you even younger folks (as I glare at you), T.I. also did a remake, which I knew nothing about until I googled it just now. And in case there was any question which one of the three is my favorite, I will give you a hint: Only one features the greatest rapper of all time, the late, great, Notorious B.I.G. But I digress…) I’m going to try to start blogging on a regular basis because I love to write and it helps me process things. It also is a great way for me to capture memories to look back on in the future. I turned 30 on Wednesday so I’m expecting my memory to go at anytime.
Speaking of my 30s, I have BIG plans. In no particular order, I want to start a family, make a budget and stick to it while simultaneously paying off our car and education debt, make my home beautiful, become BFFs with God all over again, and change the world. I want to make sure I’m living life to the fullest and not sitting on my butt watching it pass me by. And that will be easier if I have this blog to hold me accountable. So here we go….please keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times.
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