My heart is in Dillon

Last week, my sister Nichole (cousin if you are being technical) told me that my 6 year old niece Raylin (also cousin if you are being technical) was sending me a birthday card in the mail. She told me that Raylin had really wanted to put a “present” in the card for me, but Nichole had, after a heated discussion, convinced her to wait and give me a present in person since I am planning to visit them in Dillon this weekend. Nichole said she left Raylin alone to sign and draw pictures in the card, and when Raylin returned the card to her, the envelope was sealed. When Nichole asked her if she had put something in the card, Raylin did not respond. When Nichole told her that she needed to know what was in it, she said, “I’m not tellin, it’s for my Aunt Ju-Ju.” Today my sweet card arrived in the mail, and folded neatly inside was a five dollar bill. Man, I love that kid more than life itself. I’m resting up today, trying to get this nagging cold to go away, because I will cry if I have to cancel my trip to see my sweet angels.

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