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I’m a (fairy) Godmother!

I have three children in my life (not counting our overweight outside cat that we spoil like a child).  You have already been introduced to my two beautiful nieces, so now it’s time to meet the most adorable man in my life.

This is my godson, Carter.  Is he not an angel?!  That is the sweetest, most innocent face I have ever seen.  I love spending time with him because he smiles all the time and he is so chill.  We recently celebrated his first birthday.

I love him despite the fact that he was more interested in the cake than he was in taking a picture with me.  Can you blame him?  Here’s a picture of his precious cake:

I can’t wait to see him again, when I’m not vying for his attention with 20 or so other admirers and a mound of sugary goodness.

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Busy Bee = Lame-O Blogger

So I’m not off to a good start on this blog. I’ve already let a month pass without posting. Boo me! So here it is–the last month in pictures.

Went ice skating with the Bosmas.  I’m pretty sure you can tell from the pic of me and the hubby that we are awkward as all get out on the ice. I busted it HARD twice. SLIP AND SLIDE on the belly.

They are Yankees so they are actually good at it.


Took a trip to D-town to celebrate my birthday and my cousin/sister’s (sounds like some sort of inbreeding term) birthday with my two beautiful nieces.  I am pouting that my youngest niece Brylee is now able to say my husband’s name, but not mine.  Video to come later.

Next, we visited my mother in Barnwell for her birthday.  (Sorry no pictures.  We stayed in our PJs the whole time and it was GLORIOUS!)

Also, I painted this puppy red.

“After” pictures to come later, when I’m ready to show off my kitchen.

Then I had two of my favorite chicks in the world come visit me in Gville to celebrate the big 3-0 with me.

And we were total rockstars.

And finally, took a trip to most exciting place on earth…IKEA!

….with two of my faves.  LOVE these ladies!!!

And spent WAY too much money and WAY too much effort pushing those God forsaken buggies around.

Yep, we bought all that stuff you see in the picture…two buggies and two hand trucks full.  Confession:  Half of it was mine.  Pictures of my loot are sure to pop up soon on here.

Therefore, my thirties are off to a fantastic, but exhausting start.  Loving life.  And winning.  Ha.  Oh, Charlie, you crack me up, you warlock.

Until next time….see ya suckas.

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