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Time flies…

So it looks like I let another month pass with no new posts.  Wah-Wuhhh.  Please forgive me as I have been oh so very busy at work, fighting bad guys and making the world a nicer place.  I’m so ready for things to slow down, but that will not be until late-June.  I’m already planning some mini-vacations and possibly a staycation or two as well.  This past month hasn’t been all about work, though.  I have completed some new projects around the house, mainly thanks to having a crafter-in-crime…nothing motivates like trying to keep up with the Bosmas.  🙂  I will post pictures soon, but right now I’m too lazy to plug in my camera and copy them over.

Just a few weeks ago, we celebrated our one year anniversary of owning a home.  While we have done a lot of work, we still have so much to go!  I’m going to start posting more pictures of the house so you can see before and after shots.  Our current big project is the stairs.  I was so sick of that dirty carpet that I convinced my hubby and his dad to rip it right up.  And spend hours pulling out nails and staples.  I’m quite the slavedriver.  I have no idea what we are going to do next, but I like the unfinished wood underneath a million times better than that impossible to vacuum carpet.

Other major projects I’d like to tackle very soon include (and this is just the tip of the iceberg):
1. painting the woman-cave (All the furniture I bought from IKEA back in March is still sitting in the boxes until we can get that room ready!  It will be like Christmas when I get to open it and put it together–okay maybe not the putting it together part, but that’s what fathers in law are for (weird plural form alert and ending my sentence with a preposition)).

2. master bath remodel-this is more of a money issue.  We need to replace the whole tub and tile surround.  Typically, I try to use green cleaning products, but I have resorted to trying every harmful chemical known to man to clean that old shower and scrubbed it with a toothbrush and it still looks disgusting.  Not to mention that many of the tiles are cracked.  There were shower doors on it that were disgusting as well but I had good ol dad-in-law rip that out months and months ago.  It made a big difference, but also exposed a scratched up tub.  GOT.TO.GO.

3.  replacing our deck- this would be really low on my priority list if it weren’t a freaking death trap.  Every week we discover a new loose board and, since it’s on the second story, I’m just waiting to discover that our obese cat has fallen to her death.  We don’t even let guests use those stairs because, as an attorney, I just see liability written all over it.  They must go inside and use the indoor stairs (that are carpet-free!!).

4.  Cutting down the two ridiculously huge sweet gum trees in our front yard.  They are a pain in my arse.  They litter our driveway with those unsightly prickly terds and they also make our sloped front yard a recipe for a sprained ankle if you step on one the wrong way.  That will cost us a thousand bucks a pop and that doesn’t even include getting rid of the stump.  Not to mention that it will take away a lot of the shade in our front yard.  The previous owners must have been planning the same thing because they planted four new trees out there (two almond, two golden chain).  I think that may be a bit much, but I know as much about landscaping as I do about string theory (actually I know more about string theory because I watched a couple of seasons of Big Bang Theory), which leads me to my final pet project (for now)…

5.  Landscaping!!!  Our yard needs serious help!  I think I might enter it in the DIY network’s Most Desperate Landscape contest.  I’m pretty sure our neighbors will thank us for it.  Our next door neighbor is the Martha Stewart of Landscapers and I believe I apologize every time I see her for the way our yard looks. We don’t want to use chemicals on our lawn, but we don’t want to be out there every week pulling weeds either.  So we may or may not have had a couple of weeds up to my shoulder and a three foot asparagus when we actually got out there to do some damage control on Saturday.

Anyway, despite the work that still needs to be done, I’m very grateful for how far we have come.  I love our home and I love making it a home.  I know it will always be a work in progress and I’m totally okay with that.

Stay tuned for progress pictures!!  Whoooppeeeee!

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