Oh Baby!

A few of us ladies recently planned a baby shower for our friend Erin, who may quite possibly be the most adorable pregnant lady I’ve ever seen.  See proof here:

Lynnie B and Pregnant Erin

A friend of a friend let us use her RIDICULOUSLY SPECTACTULAR home for the shower.  I can’t begin to describe how amazing this place was.  See proof here:

Our husbands hard at work grilling the burgers and dogs. 
It was extremely hot and humid that day, but the ceiling fans installed under the pergola helped a little.  If you look closely, you can even see the bracket mounted on the beam behind my super cool husband that is used when the family wants to hang the ol’ flatscreen so they can watch a football game while they cook out.  Crazy.
With a house as beautiful as this, we really felt that we didn’t need to do a whole lot of decorating.  Most of the ideas came from stalking Pinterest.
cheap lantern 3-pk from Hobby Lobby; paper pom poms via Martha Stewart tutorial

milk jug, sand, twine bow, branch from yard, yellow tissue paper flowers

tutorial here: http://www.oncewed.com/10489/diy-wedding/flowers/diy-tissue-paper-garden-wedding-centerpiece/
dessert table…yum.
pennant banner from fabric scraps hot glued to rope

circle garland inspiration: 

http://www.love-the-day.com/lovetheday/wordpress/?p=2117 (although we used double-sided tape)

and my favorite part…
Each host made a onesie using fabric scraps and fabric glue, which doubled as decoration for the shower and clothes for the new baby.  I wish I could give credit to my internet inspiration, but the website is no longer up and running.

Here’s a closeup of two of them…I did the guitar one on the left, but I do adore the singing owl.
And this post wouldn’t be complete without pointing out that the home had some very interesting places to explore on the property.  Someone had a very interesting hobby:

Good times.

Update:  I linked this post up at Home Stories A to Z here:

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