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This weekend, Hubs and I tried a new recipe that I found on Pinterest.  That site is crack y’all.  (P.S.  I know true Southerners spell it ya’ll and get all fired up about it, but I am a grammar nazi that firmly believes the apostrophe is supposed to take the place of the missing letters).  Okay, that got way off topic really quickly.  Anyway, the recipe is from a website I had never visited before, called Tasty Kitchen.

It’s called cheesy chicken and rice bake, and it was delicious!  The only changes we made were leaving out the can of green chiles (just a personal preference) and using two of the frozen cubes of cilantro that you can buy at Trader Joe’s instead of fresh cilantro.  We just can’t seem to use cilantro before it turns brown in this house so we’ve resorted to cheating.  (The cubes say not to defrost before using but I didn’t know how to spread it evenly otherwise so I was a rebel and let it melt in a cup before spreading it on the top.  It seemed to work fine).  Since we cheated on the cilantro, we made real brown rice instead of minute rice as the author suggested.  Not because we are snobs, but because that’s what we had.  The dish was great, although we did have to add a good bit of salt (and some Cholula hot sauce–yum).  Here’s a picture, although the picture on the Tasty Kitchen website makes my picture look like a science project.

Kind of broccoli casserole-ish?  Luckily, we don’t care how things look in this household, as long as it tastes good.  And it did.  After this dish, Hubs and I decided that we will never go back to sour cream; we loved the Greek yogurt.  I know I’m late getting on that bus, but I love my sour cream, folks.  And here’s a picture that’s not orange and green:

Although it was delicious, we are trying to simplify recipes, eat more vegetarian meals, and reduce costs so we discussed cutting out the chicken next time and doubling the beans and corn.  YUMS.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

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