Work in Progress

We have been in our home for roughly 18 months now.  I wanted to give myself a progress report to see where we’ve come, but also to document my to-do list and hold me accountable.  I’ll be doing this room by room, starting with the room where we spend most of our time–the living room.  Here is what our living room looked like during the home inspection when the previous owners lived here.

I loved all the natural light.

My favorite part of the home was the floors!

And here is what it looks like after 18 months with the Davisons.  Actually, we have almost the exact same furniture setup:

View #1

My floors aren’t sloped, just poor camera work.
To do:   Make/buy something to go on the blank wall beside the hall tree.  Maybe a starburst mirror?  Find a replacement for the too-small cheap target lamp on end table that came with us from our old apartment. Too much red/matchy-matchy.

View #2

To do:  The wall is too big for my small photo collage, so I’m thinking of making a big chunky frame to put around the whole arrangement. (I used matching frames so I can’t just add to it unless I find more of them.) Replace old floor lamp in corner and find something more substantial to put on corner end table.

View #3

This wall behind the TV is so bland.  I’m thinking of taking the leftover paint from this room, adding a slight tint to it and painting a subtle stencil on this wall…perhaps using the same pattern in the curtains below.  Also, I think my corner vase needs more in it….it looks a little puny.  Although you can’t tell in these pictures, all of our trim needs a touch up coat of paint.  After 18 months, I still don’t know how I feel about the wood in the left of the picture.  A part of me likes the natural town it brings to the room, but a part of me feels like it looks unfinished.  It would be a pain to paint because it’s textured.

View #4

Our couch is just a big red blob.  It needs PILLOWS too avoid being so harsh. Got some fabric from IKEA so I’m hoping my mom can help me make some soon. (Again, the lamp has got to go.)

Further down the to-do list:  More textures—maybe a rug, or a woven lampshade, or some textured curtains.  Then maybe double the curtain panels and extend the rods?  Maybe change out the plain jane light fixtures for something with a little more character?

And here are just a couple of detail shots, just for those who like the little details:

I got this set of frames (it came with a few others that I used for gifts) at Target on black Friday a few years ago for $13.  I traced the frames in this layout onto a big piece of cardboard, made a mark where the hangers were, held the cardboard up to the wall and nailed right through it.  Then I removed everything and replaced the nails.  A big sheet of paper would work better because you could just tear it away, but hey, we work with what we have.

 I got the the hall tree with baskets on Craigslist for $40 (because there is a crack in the wood, but you can’t see it) and the pillow covers on etsy from thislittlehome.

So that is my to-do list for the living room.  When I think about the fact that I have 11 more rooms, plus a garage, hallway, and front and back yard, I get a little overwhelmed.  But I love making my house into a home, so it’s okay if it takes us a while.  We aren’t going anywhere.  🙂

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