A little Christmas cheer

A tour of the house in all of its Christmas glory.  The fact that 90% of the gifts I’m giving this year are DIY projects meant that my time to focus on decorations was kept to a minimum.  I’m going to do my best next year to cut out the consumerism that detracts from the holidays and focus more on making memories. 🙂
Here is our tree.  As much as I’d like it to be beautiful and white and classic, this tree is a more accurate depiction of our family.  We are a bold colors, crazy ornaments, beautiful mess of a family.

 If you look closely, you might be able to spot some of our wacky but sentimental ornaments.  Hubs and I get one for each other every year.  My favorite is the Wonder Woman outfit near the top.  I’ll have to share pics of some of my other faves sometime.

Since the living room is already turquoise and red, I try to stick with a simple red motif in there to avoid getting too clashy.

 This picture looks terrible because it was taken at night, but I love my table settings.  The jewel tone green chargers from World Market (post Christmas sale) are my fave.  It would be great if I could find something cute to sit on each of the plates—maybe just  a simple red ornament?–to take it up a notch.

This baker’s rack came into my dining room when my mom moved in, and I’m excited about having an extra space to decorate!  Maybe next year I’ll do more with it.

My favorite part!  I bought this frame from goodwill to put on my mantel, but it was too tall.  I like it here.  I drew string lights around the border for a more festive look.  Because of the red and green already going on, it’s pretty easy to turn my kitchen into a Christmas exhibit.

 Close up of my new frame!  And notice the quote by my husband that says, “I’m not even sure pears really exist.”  Yep, never know what is going to come out of that kid’s mouth.

In the mancave, of course we have our Clemson tree.  We have begun accumulating quite a bit of ornaments, mostly thanks to my mom, who also let us borrow her stocking, and her scarf to use a tree skirt.

And finally, my mantel.  A bit underwhelming, but I was trying to go for a more natural, yet still festive approach.  I may still tweak it, even though Christmas is only a few days away.  Originally, I wanted several mirrors propped up behind everything and overlapping, but unfortunately, the thrift stores weren’t cooperating and I didn’t have time to dilly dally.

And a final closer view. I’m going to attempt to link this up with some other blogs:
The Nester: http://www.thenester.com/2011/12/2011-christmas-tour-of-homes-2.html
House of Hepworths:  http://www.houseofhepworths.com/2011/12/21/hookin-up-with-hoh-80/

We’ll see how that goes–I’ve never done it before.  I’m supposed to add buttons but I haven’t figured that out yet!  Blogging rookie!

 Merry Christmas, everyone, and to all a good night!

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2 thoughts on “A little Christmas cheer

  1. Cassie, how sweet of you to stop by and comment! I'm still very nervous about sharing my home/projects with the outside world, so it means so much that you took the time to offer encouragement. I adore your blog and your beautiful home!

  2. your home looks beautiful! i love your mantle and i love that red sideboard with the chalkboard wall- it makes me happy!

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