More of the man-cave…

I’ve already shown you the fireplace makeover, but how has the rest of the man-cave changed since we moved in?  Here are some shots of how the place looked on the day of our inspection, with the previous owner’s decor:
This is what you see when you first come down the stairs:
This is the view if you are standing at the fireplace.  It’s a VERY long room.  As you can see, the previous owners were using it as a place to watch TV, an office with desk and computer, and a kid’s play and homework area, plus a piano!  And I can’t blame them–that’s a lot of space!

You might not be able to tell but the room has beautiful dentil molding.  In my opinion, because the wall color was so light, the molding wasn’t really noticeable.  We wanted to go darker and wanted to make the room feel more cozy and masculine.  Also, we thought it would be neat to show our team spirit.  It was bold, but hey it’s just paint, so we went ORANGE! 

I had already shown you the fireplace.  We also put up some bamboo shades.  In the corner (I call it a reading nook, although it’s not really nook-esque.), There’s a hand-me-down end table that is pretty badly damaged and needs a facelift.  I just cover it up with pottery barn magazines and a globe for now. The recliner is also a hand-me-down.

The couch, loveseat, and coffee table are furniture we brought from our old apartment.  The two end tables were cheapos off of craigslist but they were in such bad shape that no amount of sanding and paint can revive them.  But they are going to stay put for now because we have bigger fish to fry.  The two lamps are ikea, and the painting is from World Market.  It’s a jazz scene and I gave it to my baby on our first Christmas together.

 Here’s the man cave electronic setup because man caves are apparently all about technology.  Hubs has his beloved TV, surround sound, Xbox, and Wii.  I added the mirrors from IKEA.

Remember those wood paneling built-ins above?  I’ll refresh your memory:

They had to go.  My FIL and hubs took out the fluorescent light and changed out the black outlet for a white one.  Hubs and I painted away.  Wood paneling is not that fun to paint either.  Better than brick though.  I also spray painted the brass handles with some ORB paint.  Right now, it’s a bunch of random knick-knacks, but hopefully it will start looking more cohesive soon.

We bought the brown futon because we frequently have multiple out of town guests and wanted more than one bed for guests to sleep.  I hate the pillows, but I’m looking forward to making covers in some fun patterns!  As you can see, we kept the trusty piano.  We asked that it be included with the house.  I hope to paint it black, but hubs isn’t so sure.  I know he’ll love it though.  As you can see, he added his drums and guitar.  One of the main things we were looking for in a house was a place where hubs could play his drums and not bother the neighbors…that was not possible in an apartment.  You may be able to tell we have a music theme going on.  Most of the art is musical in nature, plus we have some musician figurines on the built ins. 

I’ll show some more of the details of this room later, but I wanted to give you a peek. Continuing with my accountability list, here is what I’d eventually like to do this room.

Short term:
1.  Get new end tables that are more interesting (still must be practical according to hubby’s rules).
2.  Make new pillows for futon and maybe even get/make a futon cover–I’m not that big of a fan of microfiber.
3. paint piano black.
4. makeover entry way table (not pictured) or buy something new.
5. makeover table in nook
6. recover chair
7.  Find something to put on the wall over the entry way table.

Long term:
Eventually, I’d like to get more neutral furniture and tone down the paint color (medium gray?) in the man cave.  I also definitely want to tear up the carpet, but I haven’t figured out what kind of floors I want…..something masculine yet still kid-friendly.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of the man cave!  Usually, you can hear my hunk-o’-love playing piano or drums, or people playing rock band or rapping, or things exploding when hubs is on the xbox.

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