Year End Recap and What’s in Store for 2012

I want this blog to be a way to track progress on projects and to keep me motivated/hold me accountable, but I think I will truly value this blog many years down the road if I can use it to look back at memories.  Therefore, I want to do a recap of 2011. And I want to start including more moments on here.  (Resolution alert!)  I have been trying to force this to be a craft blog, when the truth is that I work a full-time job and when I’m home I like to rest and spend time with my hunk o love, so I can’t work on house/craft projects as often as I would like.  So instead I’m going to try to post more frequently, even if it’s short and sweet to keep track of memories that I don’t want to lose.

We started 2011 off right with a New Year’s party at our house.  It was delightful.

Then we got our biggest snow (as a couple) and played around for a bit.

Turned 30…

Went ice skating for the first time together…

Visited a new city…

Dressed up in 70s attire…

Was a bridesmaid in my baby cousin’s wedding..

worked on a dozen or so house projects…

participated in my first craft fair (still working on that post)…

hosted Thanksgiving for the first time…

And created many more memories for which I’m so very thankful.  This year I want to be more deliberate about trying new things (restaurants, cities, house projects) and to make more memorable memories.  My goal for 2012 is “to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life.” (Thoreau)

Now I’m going to go get started!  I’ll keep you updated.

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