The Newest Member of our Family

I mentioned in my year-end wrap up that my cousin (the youngest) Blair got married the week before Christmas.  He married a sweetheart named Lindsey.  Lindsey and Blair have been together even longer than me and Day (and we have been married for four years!), and the entire family adores her.

picture from Blair’s college graduation celebration

Lindsey loves my two nieces as much as I do, and they are smitten with her as well.  In fact, the night we got back from Blair and Lindsey’s wedding reception, Raylin and I were getting ready to go to sleep.  (Raylin insists that she and I have a sleepover when we visit Dillon, so she and I sleep in her double bed while Day gets bumped to the couch or the single bed in Brylee’s room.)  After the wedding, Raylin and I are lying in the dark and she reaches over and throws her little arms around my neck.  She breathes in deep and says, “You smell just like Lindsey; that’s why I love you sooo much.”  Isn’t that precious?

Pic of Raylin and me from their rehearsal dinner, dressed like twins (unplanned)

So, welcome to the family, Lindsey!  We may be dysfunctional, but we make up for it in love!

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