Teal Trance: My New Dining Room!

So here is my starting point:

(Ignore the boxes in the corner.)

The red dining room was one of the very few rooms we have not painted in the almost two years we have lived in the house.  Most poeple loved it and complimented us on it, and it tied the rooms together nicely because we have a red sofa in the living room and a red buffet/sideboard and stools in the kitchen.  Yet it bugged me.  When it had originally been painted, it really needed an extra coat, but I’m guessing the painters had already done at least two coats and just couldn’t take it anymore.  I’ve been there.  But there were areas that didn’t look fully covered and I often thought the red looked garish and cheap.

And then came my obsession with peacock blue/teal.  I loved it; I wanted to take a bath in it.  Most of all I wanted to eat fancy dinners in my dining room surrounded in a sea of it.  Okay, we don’t really do fancy dinners, but we do play poker and occasionally eat meals in there when the extended family visits.  Anyway, with my husband’s always gracious blessing to paint yet another room,  we began to cover those intense red walls.  We decided to do white on the bottom.  We did two coats of primer on the bottom to cover up the red.  I thought one coat of white paint would do the trick, but of course, I always underestimate how much paint i will need.  After two coats of primer and two coats of paint, the wall under the chair rail was a crisp white.  I loved it.

On the top, I used my tinted primer trick (from here) and poured some paint into the primer.  We probably put more paint than we needed in there, which caused us to run out later, but I’ll get to that in a second.  Here it is after a coat of primer:

Mom said it looked like denim, and Day said, “Don’t tell her that, then she’ll want to leave it like this.”  Because who doesn’t want denim walls?  Does my hubs even know me?  The only denim I own is blue jeans.  Is this how he really sees me?

Here is our beloved dining room after one coat of paint:

After two coats of paint:

And again the golden rule of paint:  it’s always going to require one more coat of paint than you think.  And we were out of paint.  Booooo.  After a few days of building up enough motivation to finish the fight, we bought another can and finally knocked it out.  The paint is Olympic No VOC matched to Behr Tropical Skies, in case you were curious.  It is definitely more teal (a little bit of green tint) than my camera is letting on.  Here it is after 3 obnoxious coats:

And here is the finished product.  May I present my new teal dining room:

Cue angels singing.  I have some plans for that hutch coming soon.

And for that little corner table.

And a close up of the walls that hold two of my favorite Christmas presents, mentioned here.

And of course, you need a before and after comparison.

Better, no?

I’m in looooooove.  Thanks for stopping by!

teal dining room

red dining room

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2 thoughts on “Teal Trance: My New Dining Room!

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  2. I love that color, I want to bathe in it as well. But a second, probably more socially appropriate option, is to sit in there and play more Shanghai Rummy!! So lovely!!!

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