Peacock Pretties

For once, I am following through like I said I would.  I told you this weekend that I had plans for the hutch, and little did you know that I had this pretty peacock paper from Paper Source already waiting to be used.  I used it to line the back of the hutch since it was so dark in there.  I could have used spray adhesive, but I didn’t have any so I just used double-sided tape.  Resourceful?  Lazy?  Judge me all you want, but I have a pretty peacock feather lined hutch and what do you have?  Don’t answer that because you probably put my hutch to shame.  Anyway, most of you have probably grown impatient and skipped ahead to the pictures, but for those of you who haven’t, here she goes:

The hutch was scored a while back on Craigslist for $100.  I know some of y’all find these jaw-dropping deals out there, but I waited around for 6 months stalking Craigslist before “splurging” on this one.  $100 is still a pretty good deal if I say so myself, considering that it had already been painted and the hardware updated.  Here’s a peek inside, without the glare:

And here’s a closeup of the pretty, pretty paper:

I love the gold flecks in there, since I’m planning to make gold more of an element in that room.  The paper was $5 per 20″ by 28″ sheet.  It took four sheets, which I was able to match up nicely in a pretty much invisible seam down the middle.  I also have some decent sized scraps leftover so I can use those for some future project.

So for $20 (plus shipping but I also bought some additional pretty paper), here’s my before and after:

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