She get it from her mama.

Any craftiness I have comes from my mother, I believe.  She loves to create.  So when we couldn’t find a cute, affordable yellow bedskirt for her bed, she decided to create one.  Behold:

(P.S. Sorry for these crazy pictures, that little chandy casts some ridiculous looking shadows.  Next time I will try to remember that.)

Of course, I have no before pictures because we started this project around midnight, but imagine that where the Ikea duvet ended, you could see a boxspring mattress and some metal feet sticking out.  It was like catching a glimpse of someone in hospital gown from behind–there was stuff hanging out that you just weren’t supposed to see.  Being the dirt cheap thrifty chicks that we are, we took 3 yards of inexpensive yellow hobby lobby fabric and made a go of it.  We roughly followed this tutorial (the coral one) that I found on Pinterest, with a few exceptions:  1. We wanted a little less permanency, so we attached our fabric to an old fitted sheet instead of directly to the boxsprings.  2. Since mom’s bed frame has ugly metal feet, we needed the skirt to go all the way to the floor, so we had to adjust to that as well.

First, we cut the fabric into the strips we needed, leaving the finished side to the floor as much as possible to minimize the amount of sewing needed.  Here are the strips laid out on top of the sheet.  We didn’t have enough uncut yardage to go all the way across the front so we had to put an extra seam there.

The next steps are kinda fuzzy because I went to bed and when I woke up the next morning, mom had finished it.  Doesn’t she know tutorials require step-by-step photos?  Amateur.  🙂  From what she told me, she used some hemming tape to attach it, and when that ran out, resorted to hot glue, because who’s going to be looking under her mattress except for the four people who read my blog?  Here’s a close up of the corner.

And here’s the final product….not bad for about 12 bucks.

The one thing mom mentioned as a “you live, you learn” moment was that when she measured the material, she didn’t account for the weight of the mattress that lays on top.  Therefore, the skirt “drags” the floor a little more than she wanted.  I think she did a fantastic job.  Also, her birthday is tomorrow so show her some love!

Stay tuned for the headboard makeover, coming soon!

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