Asheville and Roosters

Usually, when my birthday comes around, I’m like a little kid and I want there to be trumpets and confetti and a parade in my honor.  I must be “maturing,” though, because this year I wanted my birthday to be very low-key, which I found out is impossible.  All I really wanted was to take a day trip to Asheville and check out some cool thrift/antique/art stores.  Instead it went down like this:

Feb. 2, Davison’s parents come into town and take me out to eat at my fave Greenville restaurant–Adam’s Bistro.  It was delicious!

Feb. 4, Lynnie and Johnny B convince me to get out of the house and celebrate, so we go get Mexican food and come back to the house to play cards.  Lesson:  Throwing up in the bathroom of a Mexican restaurant is not fun.  But playing Shanghai Rummy afterward is.

Feb. 11-13, We drive to Dillon to have a joint bday celebration (half my family is born in February), complete with shopping trip with Nichole and “surprise party” given by my 7 year old niece Raylin.

Feb. 18, Mom, Lynne and I make our trip to Asheville and shop til we drop…almost literally.  Whew, tiring but fun.

Feb. 24-26, Davison’s family (parents, sis, bro-in-law, dogs-in-law)  is coming to visit so they can celebrate with me as well.

All this to say, I’m extremely blessed with people who love me, but I’m also worn out!  And March is looking just as busy.

And because no one wants to see a post with just a bunch of words in it, here are some pics from my new fave place, The Screen Door in Asheville.  It’s a big warehouse where vendors have individual booths and sell furniture, art, home decor, etc.  Very cool.  I didn’t end up buying anything, but I did get soooo inspired by the amazing work so I’m hoping to convert this inspiration into my own home projects in the near future.

How many things do I love about the “room” above?  For starters, the end table, the couch, and the lamp behind the couch, but the white lamp, the stumps, and the pillows are also great.

How cool are these animal silhouettes?  The cow out of reclaimed wood and the other is made out of buttons!!

A U.S. map made out of fabric swatches and one out of salvaged wood pieces.

Loving every single one of these light fixtures, the metal dogs and goats, and the big letters too.

More metal art..can’t decide if I like the faces or the iron skillet turkey best.

The couch, the desk, the trunk, the two-fabric combo chair….I’m drooling.

Are you inspired?   We also went to a few other places, one being the Antique Tobacco Barn.  Most of the inventory there was waaaay out of my price range, but this $6 rooster did catch my eye.

I painted him yellow.  And here he is now.

Thanks to this hilarious but profanity laced post by the Bloggess, I decided he needed a name.   And so his name is Fred Armisen because every time I look at him, I think of this craziness.  Here’s Fred in his new home:

I put him next to the chalkboard wall so I can draw speech bubbles coming from his beak.  Obviously.

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One thought on “Asheville and Roosters

  1. love the yellow!! Fred looks so much better.

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