Oh Happy (Adoption) Day!

If I haven’t told you about Kimberly, she became my best friend when I tried to have her baby.  True Story.  Nothing brings people closer like having conversations about my menstrual cycle, her husband’s sperm quality, and a complete strangers eggs.  Anyway, I’m typically not very good at long-distance friendships, but Kimberly and I have shared an experience that most friends have not.  It brought heartache and pain, but it also led to a deep friendship and adoration for the fierce, beautiful, and compassionate woman that is now my BFF.

On Wednesday, I had the honor of witnessing Kimberly and her husband Chris adopt the most precious boy in the world, my godson Carter.

It was a happy ending to what previously had been a long string of disappointments. I’ve known for a long time what amazing parents Kimberly and Chris would be, so it was indescribable to see their hopes finally come to fruition.

 Here we are outside the courtroom post-adoption with Carter’s loving and beyond-excited family, including his grandparents and cute-as-pie cousins.   Of course, Carter is decked out in coat and tie.  Here’s the little ball of adorableness:

And here he is reading with his Uncle Davison:

This week I’ve been feeling extremely blessed.  Yesterday, we worked in our sad, sad yard to try to make it somewhat presentable.  Landscapers and gardeners we are not.  But I was out there in the beautiful weather working until my muscles were sore with my husband and my mother.  My mom was down on the ground, digging and planting.  This time last year, she lived three hours away.  This time last month, she was in the hospital having a six hour surgery.  And yesterday she was out there laughing and playing in the dirt with us.  Davison’s parents joined us for dinner that night and then we had a ping pong tournament in our garage with all three of our parents.  (Day bought a ping pong table yesterday for $40 at a garage sale across the street while I was still in bed asleep.)  And to top it all off, this week I finally got to see one of the couples I love most in this world officially become parents.  I’m getting teary-eyed just thinking of how my cup runneth over.

Happy Easter, everyone!

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