My Inner Artist

A few weeks ago, I joined a few friends for a class called Design with Wine.  It’s in downtown Greenville and the basic concept is that we bring the wine and they supply everything else you need to create your own little masterpiece.  Living Social had a great deal so we scooped it up and took our amateur painting skills out for a night on the town.

Here are some in process shots with the girls.  You can see our “teacher” in the background.  Her day job is preschool photographer so my biggest complaint of the night would definitely have to be being talked to like a 4 year old.  Other than that I think a good time was had by all.

Don’t ask me what Lynne is doing in that shot, because I don’t know.  Maybe trying to avoid a super-up-close picture.

About midway through my creative process:

And here’s my final product:

I was pretty pleased.  I mean, it’s not the Van Gogh that my sweet adorable husband made it out to be, but it’s something I would hang up in (a less frequented part of) my house.   And if you have classes like this in your area, I encourage you to try it out, particularly if you can find a discount.  I can assure you it takes no real skill and everyone’s paintings (there were probably 40-50 of us) looked roughly the same (i.e. no one screwed it up).  Not a bad deal to spend $15 and get a 2 hour class including all supplies and come out with something you can hang in your home.  Plus time with friends and wine is an added bonus.  That’s what I call money well spent, folks.

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