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We’ve got a mover and a shaker!

After a bout of the blues, I think I’m ready to start writing again.  So much is going on that I don’t even know where to begin.  First things first, there is a human being in my belly and even though she’s 109 days from her due date, she’s already kicking and punching and somersaulting to get into this world.  And that is a seriously weird feeling that brings me pure joy.  My belly button is no longer round but is pulled into a line.  Almost all of my former tops are now midriffs, which, believe me, is not sexy.  And currently I’m battling a week long cold but I’m scared to take any medication that “not enough information exists” to know whether it is safe or not for the fragile fetus inside of me.  And such begins a lifelong priority switch where I will sacrifice any of my own comfort to protect this little being God has given me.


We are rearranging furniture and painting rooms and doing way too much research frantically trying to prepare for something that’s impossible to fully prepare for.  We have been graciously given lots of hand-me-downs that keep my head from exploding when I start to think about what we will need.  In fact, this little chick already has 5 pairs of shoes!  Total diva in the womb, folks.


So I will try to start catching this blog up on the whirlwind that has taken place over the last months, but for now I’m happy just to be breathing it all in as it comes.

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